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  • 19 - Ventilation Officer - Underground Coal Mine
  • 20 - Ventilation Officer – Metalliferous QLD
  • BSBWHS409 - Respirable Dust Monitoring
  • CHEM - Chemical Awareness
  • DGA - Dangerous Goods Awareness
  • DUS - Dust Awareness
  • EX (R) - Ex Refresher
  • HAZ - Hazardous Substance Awareness
  • HEAT - Heat Stress Awareness
  • NOA - Noise Awareness
  • RPL STD11 (S) - Standard 11 Surface Mine Induction (RPL)
  • RPL STD11 (UG) - Standard 11 Underground Mine Induction
  • RPL STD11 S and UG - RPL Standard 11 Surface and Underground Mine Induction
  • SCW - Spontaneous Combustion for Mine Workers
  • SD - Stonedust Sampling in Underground Mine
  • STD11 (S) - Standard 11 Surface Mine Induction
  • STD11 (UG) - Standard 11 Underground Mine Induction
  • WORK EXPOSURE - Workplace Exposure Awareness
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Detailed Description:


Mine Supervisors, team leaders or ERZ Controllers/Deputies in an underground coal mine who perform tasks involving a broad range of activities most of which are complex and non-routine. They are responsible for the quantity and quality of the output of others, contribute to the development of technical solutions to non-routine problems and apply safety management plans to the workplace. Underground coal workers who intend on becoming an ERZ Controller /Deputy and whose duties ensure statutory obligations are met at the mine site.


On successful completion of this qualification of nine (9) core units and four (4) elective units you will receive a nationally accredited award. This qualification is one of the pre-requisites for applying to the Board of Examiners to sit the Deputy's written exam. Once a written exam is completed candidates will then progress to the Board of Examiners for an oral examination by their peers.


It is recommended but not mandated that students undertake the units in the following order shown and undertake one unit at a time. Of course if you are working in a particular subject area on the mine (eg Strata) then  it would be advantageous to do that subject first.

The following core and elective units are covered during the course.  Please note Units in 'blue bold font' are what Simtars is currently offering: 

Core Units:

*  RIIMEX406D Apply and monitor transport system and production equipment

*  RIIRAI401D Apply and monitor mine services and infrastructure systems

*  RIIERR402D Apply and monitor underground coal mine emergency preparedness and response systems

*  RIIMCU406D Apply and monitor the inrush management plan

*  RIIMCU407D Apply and monitor the strata management plan

*  RIIMCU408D Apply the spontaneous combustion management plan (Face to face training)

*  RIIUND401D Apply and monitor the ventilation management plan

*  RIIRIS402D Carry out the risk management processes

*  RIIMCU403D Apply and monitor the gas management plan (coming soon)

Elective Units:  

One must be chosen from Group (A) below

*  RIIBLA302D Conduct shot-firing operations in underground coal mines (Note:  Simtars does not offer RIIBLA302D and RIIBLA202E.  To be sourced from another Registered Training Organisation)

*  RIIBLA202E Support underground shotfiring operations (Note:  Simtars does not offer RIIBLA302D and RIIBLA202E.  To be sourced from another Registered Training Organisation).

Choose at least one from Group (B) below

*  RIIMCU303D Conduct continuous miner operations

*  RIIMCU404E Apply and monitor the gas drainage management plan (coming soon)

Choose two from Group (C) below  

*  RIICOM301D Communicate information

*  RIIWHS301D Conduct safety and health investigations


The course is delivered over a 2 to 2.5 year time-frame depending on the student's experience. Each competency in this course is delivered in a blended/online mode supported by tutor, or in a face to face delivery mode. All competencies include theory and practical assessments with third party verification for the workplace projects and practical tasks.


On successful completion of assessments for each unit students will receive a Statement of Attainment. On successful completion of units and all assessments, participants will be issued with a Qualification Award.