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  • Advanced SponCom (Non-Accredited) - Apply the spontaneous combustion manag...
  • ASB - Asbestos Awareness
  • HAZ - Hazardous Substance Awareness
  • MRES - Monitoring Respirable Dust in Coal Mines, Mineral Mines and Quarries
  • RII40415 - Certificate IV in Underground Coal Operations
  • RII60315 - Advanced Diploma of Underground Coal Mining Management
  • RIIMCU408D - Apply the spontaneous combustion management plan
  • RIIWHS301D - Cert IV Underground - F2F - Conduct safety and health investig...
  • SD - Stonedust Sampling in Underground Mine
  • SSEDB ONLINE - Safe Drilling and Blasting
  • SSESA ONLINE - Small Mines and Quarry SSE Online - Safety Awareness Program
  • VOCOAL - Ventilation Officer (Underground Coal Mine)
  • VOM - Ventilation Officer (Metalliferous QLD)
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